Home Ed with 4 on a train 

We decided on a day out and we usually go by our 7 seater car and rarely use public transport but today we thought we’d give it a go! I took “Baby” for my 18 month old, it’s a good comfort toy for her, she enjoys treating it like her baby. The 4 year old is a tricky one to keep happy. If I take a toy he likes he usually ends up ditching it and asks for something I don’t have at hand. I did however have stickers he’s never seen (hidden away for a perfect moment like this!) and this kept him happy for 20 mins (the duration of the train ride!) 

We went to visit Eureka which is always a hit for all our kids ages. It was the little two (4 and 18 months) first times. 

View of Eureka from the train station

At one time we would have thought about getting print offs to go with the hands on learning in Eureka. Now we know that the journey and just visiting places alone are learning enough. Again, very linked to deschooling, unlearning that any “work” has to be written down. 

Love this quote by John Holt 

To trust children we must first learn to trust ourselves…and most of us were taught as children that we could not be trusted.

John Holt

Learning about pregnancy
Future dentist?

Blue Peter badge holders go free! 


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