How To Home Ed With Sick Days 

How do we home ed when the adult is poorly?                     

With 4 children 9 and under, its hard work, so we like to have a cut off time for evenings and weekends. If one of the parents is poorly we adapt the whole day. This usually means grouping together an activity for all ages. 

We have a loose timetable for school age and one for pre school. This has been carefully put together involving what resources we have for learning and which activities fall on what day. We split the kids by age and have learning or playing resources at their height in our learning room. Younger ones have access to puzzles, paper, crayons and toys that are in order of category. This is available for older ones too but the older ones have access to higher up activities or more intricate items like circuit boards and other smaller item games.


Books are sorted by category and each item that is used has to put back in its correct space. If you implement this from young it soon sticks. Books are in places of; workbooks by age, stories and facts. If a child is currently working on a workbook, it can go in their personal drawer which each child has access to. This is also used for pencil cases for those days no one can find a single pencil or colour, individual cases and drawers soon fixed this.     


This is all easy to follow and access with minimal help from an adult as the older ones can read the timetable and get going on their projects or work and you’re available to help along the way. The younger ones timetable is more like a list of fun stuff to do. But instead of wracking your brain for ideas its already noted down. These can include block building (pull out the storage box of blocks) messy play (pull out tuff tray) fine motor etc..  Once the activity is set up it gives you some time to sit back and be poorly! 
This works well for an odd sick day. If it was long term sickness I would combine the timetables and make activities easier to control while only one adult is in charge. We’ve just stepped into the 6 weeks holidays in the UK summer time and I’m happy to sit back now until September when I will reassess the timetables, age levels of learning, whats of current interest and play.

Thank you IKEA. A sofa used to be here until I gave it away for storage for our home education space. 


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